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Moshi Monsters: The Movie
Contains very mild threat

Moshi Monsters: The Movie


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Director: Wip Vernooij


Release date: 20/12/2013

Length: 81 min.

Content advice: Contains very mild threat


Moshi Monsters: The Movie is a big-screen adventure featuring the favourite monsters from the best-selling children’s computer game. In a Moshi world threatened by the evil Dr. Strangelove (Ashley Slater), who has stolen a rare Moshling egg and is getting ready to crush it, our heroes are on a race against time to save the egg from certain destruction and collect the ransom. Will there be time for singing and dancing as they go about their very important business? You bet there will! Moshi Monsters: The Movie is an action-packed cute-fest for kids at the younger end of the scale.

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